Founder Gary Owens Explains Why We Need To Change The World

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    If you join with me and we implement the Humania policies the world will be rid of all that is bad and corrupt, bring equality for all, stop all wars, people will be set truly free for all time, able to fulfil our personal and the joint destiny of mankind.

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The Vision, The Movement

Humania, we are Mad About Humans, on one hand because there is such greatness and potential in us all, and on the other hand because we are destroying each other and the planet without a care in the world!

The Vision
If we agreed to take the available knowledge of the world and use it to build a new world, by putting a framework in place for humanity that will take all the lessons of the past, learn from them, and apply them to a new framework, we would have a new way to run our world. We could remove war, inequality and persecution from our societies, and allow the population of earth to live in peace and harmony.

Humania is a quest for the truth, a search for knowledge, a trawl through the human past to find out where it all went wrong. Then put in place a system that will bring equality and justice to all.

If it sounds imposable, it is not. Humania could unite the world to a common way and aim. We can deliver peace on Earth instead of the turmoil that exists today.

Lets call it a global rethink, a globalised approach to preserving every individual culture of humankind. Past present and future. Discovering the truth from our past, starting to build a future that will treat all of mankind equally with dignity and respect. Where the purpose of our being is the fulfilment of our full potential and all possibilities, both personally and as the Human Race. Think About it!

Humania is the new framework, it does not choose or propagate, it is there as a framework to achieve the desires of humankind. It belongs to mankind, not a group of individuals; it is to be a new destiny for mankind.

All you need to do to change the world is follow the guidelines below and stick to it, get your friends to do it, get your family to do it, get everyone to do it! Only together can we free the world from tyranny and financial slavery that we have got ourselves in.

The Movement

As you grow older you start to wonder about what you have been taught and told by society, about the world and its religions, faiths and beliefs. The religious stories that we were indoctrinated with in our youth, just seemed so implausible, ridiculous and untrue.

You can read the Bible, the Koran and endless amounts of books and documents in the search for the truth of where we come from and why we are here? We need something to believe in on this apparently, God forsaken world. The truth is its all a construct!

We dont know if there is a God the creator or if any of the other theories of the origin of mankind are true, but we do know the business religions are about.

At a certain point in everyones life, it slowly dawns that something is very wrong with the way the Earth is being run. Some people do something about it and others go about their lives. Humania is for people who would like to do something about it.

Humania is a search for the truth. It does not provide all the answers; it is a light on the edge of darkness, a beacon on an endless coast of the eternal ocean of time.

The truth Humania seeks to put right is why some people on earth treat other people on earth like cattle, why wars are constant, why is there continual poverty, persecution, suppression, inequality, starvation and misinformation being dished out without regard or care for mankind? Why is the world under siege, being destroyed by fraternal organisations, big business and big brother? Sticking it to the rest of us!

When anyone complains they send in the military to mediate! The general populations are held in a modern day form of financial slavery to a controlled global state. Why is this still going on after 7000 years of wars and inequality? Its time to try something new!

This is where a new way to run the world begins.

Humania is your chance to stand up and make a difference. Where you take back your rights and destiny. We the occupants of Earth, have waited a long time to do something about the way we are treated and the destruction of the planet that is taking place.

I wanted to make sure that what we are about to do is for the right reasons, for the truth, advancement and sake of mankind. Not for any individual or organisation.

I believe that the same people/organisation/system has always been running the world and are leading it to destruction. It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory!

What if the world as you know it was designed? But not by God! Its a funny thing about facts, but when you find the truth, the facts invariably fit!

The World Today
Teaching nations untruths is an act against the human race. Governments, Religions and Institutions have lied and misinformed the general population with the aim of controlling us for seven thousand years. Whole nations have been slaughtered over untruths throughout history and there is no end in sight. Governments, religions, fraternal organisations and financial institutions have put us into yet another form of slavery.

If an individual or organisation becomes a threat to the present Establishment they are gone after with a vengeance, everything goes wrong with their lives. When Jesus turned over the tables of the moneylenders at the temple it was for a reason. It was the start of the revolution. He knew it was wrong to make money out of other peoples misery. Everyone knows this, however, there have always been those who are willing to exploit the weak.

Financial institutions currently hold the world to ransom, poor countries get poorer as they are plundered and sold into slavery by the IMF and World Bank. The spoils are divided up between big businesses, who in turn buy our politicians to make it happen, over and over again. The governments then supply arms and troops when it goes wrong and quell the peoples up rise.

In ancient times finance was used to enslave people just like now. Everyone is controlled by finance. Everyone is a modern day slave to a new 21st Century Pharaoh. We work to pay our bills and have little left to even think of trying to fulfil or realise our dreams.

Great Britain is a world leader, yet there are millions of people living in poverty and the government spends billions of pounds every year on war. The media says Great Britain is the sixth largest economy in the world, how can we have millions of people with no hope, no food, and no way out, living in abject poverty all their lives. We treat the elderly like dogs, living on the edge of starvation stuffed in to homes. There is no dignity or respect being old in the UK or any other country. Once we have outlived our usefulness we are discarded like old clothes.

There is no progress in services for the general public. The road systems dont work, the train systems dont work, the health services dont work, it just goes on and on.

The petroleum pollution is the worst it has ever been, yet many forms of alternate energy that are less or none pollutant already exist and are being suppressed by big business.

We have been sold out by our politicians, to big business, for their own personal gain/game. Big business runs the world, and fraternal organisations run big business, not the governments, we have no say. We are slaves to it, it gives us nothing back, it slowly takes your heart and soul. Anyone who calls the current world a democracy is having a laugh!

OPEC produces million barrels of oil per day. Just think how much pollution is entering the atmosphere every day, someone is trying to destroy our planet, why else would anyone allow this to happen?

73,000 people in the UK own 120 billion. The rest of the UK population owes 120 Billion in personal loans. More than 3,000,000 are living below the poverty line. The 62 richest people in the world now own as much as the poorest half of the global population - that's 3.6 billion people.

The poor and working classes of the world have always risen up against the ruling classes throughout the ages. The poor people are usually massed in an army by someone seeking or holding on to power against the supposed foe in the name of some religion or belief, politics or inequality issue.

When at the end of the day, its all really about greed, power and control.

The fight against the inherent futility and danger in todays society is on, futility because the whole game is rigged between the governments, fraternal and religious societies along with organised crime who between them own and control most of big business. This means unless you are one of the people who are destroying the planet and suppressing the general population. You will never fulfil any dreams, and you must be a slave.

The danger in society is mankind itself. There must be a system in place to control the traits of humankind. To save its self from a disastrous future. Inequality in society is trouble; it always has been and always will be, persecution, inequality, politics and religion have caused just about every war on Earth, fuelled by the power and greed of some of mankind.

The Created Atmosphere Of Fear
The world is deliberately kept in an atmosphere of fear to help with the control of individual countries, a good example of this would be the recent bird flu scare broadcast continually on TV in the UK and around the world, it is sadly true that some people have died, but the incredible amount of effort that was put into the promotion of this would have been far better served focusing on the millions of children that die every day in the world from poverty and starvation, think about it!

It is peculiar that many countries have just one terrorist organisation, in the UK for many years it was the IRA, so we can conquer entire countries but not some freedom fighters! As the world globalises a new more scary threat is needed and so it is promoted, the latest one is ISIS, this whole keeping the world on edge game is another control mechanism, it justifies the wars, arms buying and selling and having more agents of the governments to control us! They have to justify the expenditure and get us to pay for it someway, think about it!

Shedding Restraining Customs And Institutions
Part of the modern day control mechanism is getting people to do the same things over and over again, sending us to sleep, modern day culture has become a soap opera, everyone playing their part. These restraining customs and institutions that are controlling us are in fact ultimately controlled by the state and in turn the state is controlled by just a few people.

The Pain Of Change
No one likes to change, its mentally difficult, but mankind must refocus or face continual destruction stuck in a cycle, war after war, decade after decade, century after century, millennia after millennia when do we take a stand and change it?

Its time to try something new!

The New Framework

Humania is the evolution of politics on a global scale, its the worlds first Democratic Global Political Party, and it will show us how to fight and win against capitalist, authoritarian and religious radical globalisation, and deliver a better quality of life across the world. This new framework incorporates all beliefs and views.

A world free from control by governments, politicians, big business, financial and religious institutions. The aim over time is to combine political, religious business and social systems to give one united mankind, for the advancement of mankind.

A system that cannot be manipulated or hijacked!

The New Political Model

If we take the ANC political model (not the policies) of slowly taking over Africa and apply it globally, we are close to our political model, we are a global political party, the first on Earth, established in the UK in 1995 by me. We need to operate in using the Gandhi passive system, the idea is to not do what you are supposed to, you stop feeding the system till it chokes, with no confrontation. The Electronic Revolution, the political agenda is online, no middlemen politicians to corrupt it, by local area, regional, national, international agendas all online and visible to all, and voted on by all, true democracy. We are building a portal called HELPinHAND that will incorporate the voting system and many other cost saving features for members.

The New Business Model
Beat them at their own game. We will unite the purchasing power of all the membership. With a few simple ideas a great portion of the worlds economy can be brought under our control. The Bill Club, it will bring trillions of pounds under our control. If we take the top ten utility and financial bills of each member and provide each of the services and products at a much reduced cost, due to large numbers of members, we would control a massive amount of the world’s economy. Bill Club is part of the online Humania voting portal for members called HELPinHAND. Another simple idea is The Franchise Club, A new member who is a book retailer joins, and their business is replicated around the country and the world by our members. Franchise systems that allow fast spread and roll out. Employing our members and taking from the existing economy.

The New Religious Beliefs Model
The Humanian view of religion is that no state should have a religion, but should provide the framework for everyone’s beliefs and faiths to be encompassed. We are asking for a re think of the whole concept of who we are and what we believe and put our faith in. A New World Religion that covers all faiths and beliefs.

Whether you believe the evolutionary theory, that life has evolved on earth and throughout the universe. Or you believe that God created everything, or even that we evolved on earth and an alien race altered our DNA, or any of the other theories, you could be right! The fact is that nobody knows, or they are not saying. The Humania way is only the search for the truth, knowledge and advancement of humankind, whatever the answer turns out to be.

By joining the Humania movement, you are making a conscious effort to search for the truth and not just accept what you are told. We want the truth of who we are and where we come from. Being part of the Humania movement means you have not made your mind up. It is after all a life long journey. An open mind for all is an asset for mankind.

If we stacked up all the issues between people, and stack them in the order of everything we agree with at the bottom, followed by everything we disagree with. It would be clear where work is needed.

The fact is that all things should be allowed provided it does not cause any one any harm and is within the framework agreed by everyone and that the framework can allow everyone to be included.

We all want to believe and have faith in something, but the truth might just be that we might have to believe and have faith in each other.

The Humania, New World Religion movement is a search for the truth; it provides a chronological list of beliefs and faiths of mankind from its beginning, every piece of available knowledge and supporting evidence from all sources with no organisations slant on it. This is to be provided on the website and constantly updated with new finds and information by members.

No one should lead you in your search for faith or something to believe in, we should all explore all the possibilities and decide for ourselves. A religion without proof of its claims is after all just a way to live your life, a code to live by, or as its being used today, as a means of control and motive for pitting man against man, brother against brother.

The New Social Model
The new social way forward is by introducing a mentoring system that allows everyone to get truthful advice where there is no financial gain for anyone involved, we help each other instead of exploit each other. The aim of The Mentor is to bring the best out of each member of their group, find out more and help develop the social model on the website.

Brief Outline of Some Humania Political Policys
These are the policies that will change the framework we live in. There will be no charge for food, water, energy or public transport. It will be a right to own your own home, with basic housing being provided by Humania. The wiping out of all debt both individually and for countries, with a redistribution of wealth brought about by capping big business and the sale of unwanted government buildings and money saved on disbanding the armies and security services. The gathering of all knowledge, centralising and availability to all members, there will be no hidden facts no matter what they reveal. Release and assessment of all inventions/ science projects. With the main aim of new power sources, medical cures and information available free to everyone. Patents system would remain in place but if it benefits mankind it must be used not suppressed. Break up all armys and security services that no longer represent the public. A break up of all banks and financial institutions, such as the World Bank and IMF. No borders or fences policy, the world is everybodys to roam. The abolishment of religion as a control mechanism, Humania the global state has no faith or belief, only the truth. Individuals can have faith and believe in anything they want but not under the control of others. Immediate cessation of all pollution and the environment and ecology brought under control, re population of the seas and forests. No more rulers, no pharaohs, emperors, kings, queens or dictators everyone is equal for all time. Policy should be transitional so it does not cause harm to existing support systems. See the website for more details.

How We Start To Win Together, United World, One Central Control
To start with we need to unite all the factions that currently have no voice to swell membership/recruitment. We will need 20 million votes to win the UK election; once we have the UK we have a chance to win over the common wealth and global power. The same applies to Spain, USA and all the other countries in the world. There are many people that would like to do something about the situation but have no way of expressing their views; no current system exists to represent them. Humania is that system! We will start in every country in the world to gain control of all countries with the ultimate mandate to unite the world under one banner.

It is achievable without violence to take over any country, the secret is to grow from within. Like the Masons and other fraternal organisations have, the exception being that all are included in Humania, not just the elite.

One World, One People

How To Win The First Territory

A global focus of all membership on to one territory, determined by which country is the closest to being at the point of a majority of Humanians within it.

How We Win The World/ Our Flag And Emblem
Our flag is a collage of every flag on Earth, the earth like a patchwork quilt. It will look something like this, once we have completed it.


Other Thoughts to Consider
Aim of the Human race is to become immortal and to learn all knowledge

We are to become space born, moving out and occupying all planets and star systems, using resources for uninhabitable planets like mercury and the asteroid belt. Colonising every where we can and having vast space born resources, planets are far too dangerous long term to risk losing our knowledge. It will bring unlimited resources and help de populate the planet if we do it on a large enough scale.

Add an hierarchy built on achievements and abilities, also an early joiners credit, so the first to join benefit first as it rolls out. It will all end up equal but will take a lifetime to bring about all the policies.

Pledge Of Allegiance
No grievance with other members, its a new beginning, we need to cast off old ways, no more mistrust. We work with each other to bring about the goals of Humania, even if we dont agree.

All members will be given credit for using products Humania controls, via Bill Club. All members must buy products from other members until the transition is complete, this is to take money out of the existing economy.

All members should be given credit for using the online portal for voting and other services via HELPinHAND.

Get Involved

Anyone can join Humania
The aim of Humania is to take control of every country in the world via peaceful methods and under the mandate of election change each country one by one to part of the Humania global state, One World, One People. We will collate all the information from all over the world and dispel the myths and get to the truth. We will release all held back technology and implement the policies on the home page of the website.

We need millions of people to get involved from all over the world, there are no leaders in Humania and its interactive. As people just like you read the book and start to get involved, we will find and collate the true knowledge from amongst the misinformation that governments and unscrupulous organisations have flooded the world with. We will bottom out the truth of our beginnings and how we got to this point.

As a member you can add material that is not already represented in our databanks, add you findings and thoughts, if its not already on our website it will be displayed. You will be accredited with the text on the website. The idea is to get millions of people to fill in the website and converse with each other from all over the world, coming to the truth on each subject and re doing all science to get to the bottom of what has been withheld from us, and use everything we find to better our world.